Palm Grove Cottages offers Yoga classes every morning, except on Sundays (First Day is Complementary for our in-house guests)

Asana correction classes,

Pranayama practice,

Therapeutic yoga classes,

Meditation classes,

Yoga consultation & 

One-on-one yoga classes.


Yoga sessions are held in a peaceful garden surrounded by palm trees, a space of pure energy, an ideal atmosphere for personal transformation, inner reflection and healing.

Yoga sessions are intentionally designed for beginners, to help understand the bases of yoga. If you feel you need something a bit more advanced you can always speak to the instructor and he will  guide you. Private classes can be arranged upon request.

  Yoga sessions are conducted by an experienced yoga teacher offering:

 All guests are welcome to attend, our hotel room guests can avail the complimentary first day yoga session.


Comfortable, Breathable clothes: Avoid wearing items that are too big or revealing. At the same time, don't wear clothes that are too tight or restrictive. You should be completely free to move through all the positions. Micro shorts during some poses may make you self-conscious and have you distracted with the constant tugging down of your shorts in class. We recommend opting for a longer option when heading into a yoga class.

Headbands and ponytail: For those who have long hair, moving through some poses will be unpleasant as there is a good chance you might get a face full of hair if you’re not prepared. Similarly, a back of the head pony tail tied too tightly might inhibit supine poses.

Don't Stress: The desire to learn is the most important thing you need in order to begin a yoga practice. Many times we have had guests who were scared to start classes as they were beginners, had no knowledge or were embarrassed as they had the notion that yoga meant difficult poses and that they had to be flexible. Other misconceptions were that yoga is only meant for women or yoga is too slow. Yoga can seem a bit slow in the beginning as the correct posture and right breathing techniques have to be learnt. It is best to learn this phase slowly and prevent injury.  It's the best opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself. We conduct yoga classes to teach how to start yoga, a beginner course on how to breathe and maintain the correct posture. For those who prefer advanced classes we offer one-on-one classes on prior appointment, yogis are welcome to join our classes and practice advanced yoga.

If you approach yoga with an open mind, you will be able to learn much more.

The first day is complementary, so we suggest you come, have a look, get acquainted and comfortable.

Get a notepad,  you can ask questions and pen down your experiences so that once you get back home you can recollect and continue by yourself.

We provide yoga mats.